We are Nunsys Brains, Nunsys Group’s initiative to develop innovative Artificial Intelligence products that complement and combine the proposals of the top market players, providing a disruptive approach.

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Our Nunsys Brains project aims to:

Create Artificial
Intelligence products,
and enhance their use in
the value chain of organizations.

Develop an Artificial Intelligence platform
platform that supports
the creation of
COGs (cognitive systems).


Smart Community Manager

HappÿBrain is an Innovation project of Nunsys Brains which aims to create a product
that will provide advanced Artificial Intelligence capabilities to the Nunsys platform, Happydonia.

Thanks to a “Community Manager Inteligente” based on knowledge.

The project implements a set of advanced AI modules with the capability to analyze behaviors, situations and problems of individuals and groups, detecting needs to be solved through proactive and clear communication, aimed at streamlining the company’s internal communication between people and structures, in order to improve people’s working life and engagement.

strategy planner

campaign execution

Automatic virtual
assistant generator


Mood analyzer

Automatic channel creation

Intelligent content search

Personalized content generation

Intelligent Community Manager. HappyBrain is capable of automatically planning and executing communication campaigns, analyzing behaviors and detecting needs to be solved by dynamizing the internal communication of the company.

System developed
with Azure AI Our cognitive system is developed, from Azure AI services, among others, and acts as an intelligent communication assistant for the transfer of the values and culture of organizations.

The perfect
HR ally. HappyBrain was born with the idea of being a key ally of the management and the human resources area. Its fast configuration, customization and intelligent reasoning and learning capabilities make it the perfect solution for companies.

In short, HappÿBrain is your Smart Community Manager specialized on internal communication,
corporate culture and value transferring.

AI for Good

Designing AI for society

Artificial intelligence is already a reality in all areas of our lives, ranging from complex automatic systems that can plan, reason and learn, to intelligent ecosystems
that can interact with the environment.

Where are all these technological developments leading?
What is society going to be like thanks to this incipient technology?
How should the human-machine relationship be structured?
How are we going to use these new technological tools to promote sustainable development?


Labor, social and environmental relations.

Sustainable, circular and solidarity economy.

Education and

To answer those questions, at Nunsys Brains we rely on the pillars of “AI for Good” such as Green Algorithms and Ethical AI, committing to the achievement of the United Nations SDGs to improve the planet and people’s life.

Green AI

Contributing to the Green and Sustainable AI Framework

/ Trained AI models are very energy efficient, but in their training phase a lot of energy is consumed, given the large amount of time needed to present accurate results, which translates into a high environmental impact.

Based on the National Artificial Intelligence Strategy (ENIA), Nunsys Brains contributes to the improvement of this situation by addressing the problem of energy requirements and the environmental impact of AI models. Working within a framework ofGreen and Sustainable Artificial Intelligence, through an ecologically viable intelligent system.

Ethical Hybrid AI

Committed to Ethical AI

At Nunsys Brains we start from a broad AI conception, approaching our vision of the project by focusing on an ethical hybrid AI that combines data-driven AI with knowledge-driven AI, free
of bias, respectful of privacy and human rights.

So that we can offer intelligent products regardless of the data availability or
the possibilities of capturing expert knowledge, in a transparent way, and prioritizing human beings and
the environment as key points of all our innovation.

How do we do this?

Through the creation of intelligent systems (COGs) that amplify human capabilities by interacting with them to create intelligent ecosystems. People and machines interacting efficiently.

Taking action

Driving AI

We have an
“Ethics Committee” to advise,
discuss and guide the ethical development
and deployment of
AI models.

We offer an internal
training plan,
on the ethical development of AI,
to attract talent.

We actively collaborate
in foundations, forums and
events around AI and

We are proud to be founding partners of
the “Graduate School and Network of
Artificial Intelligence Research Centers, ValgrAI”.

Nunsys Brains actively participates in:


Developing and supporting research in artificial intelligence and related disciplines.


Developing postgraduate training
studies and
cooperating in the delivery of
those already existing in
Valencian universities and
research centers.

Talent attraction

Facilitating the attraction of
talent to the
Valencian industry.


Promoting technology transfer
in artificial intelligence
and advising the
Valencian industry.

Event organization

Organizing, delivering and holding
courses, seminars,
conferences and congresses.


Establishing relationships and
cooperating with individuals and
entities, public and